Smashing misogyny since 2022

We are one year old!! 

Today, 8 March 2023, we celebrate International Women’s Day…and the one-year anniversary of The New Historia as a public platform.

The growth and evolution of The New Historia over this first year has been nothing short of astounding, and we cannot wait to push forward into new frontiers in this upcoming year. We’ve published 66 schemas—documenting women’s lives across time and geography. We have featured close to 30 Editorials connecting the issues of today to the struggles of women throughout history. And we have launched a regular newsletter that updates subscribers looking for new information on feminist historical recovery as well as new publications of interest. Sign up [here] to get on our newsletter mailing list.

To celebrate our one-year birthday, today we are launching a New Historia store! Follow this link [New Historia store] to find a small selection of products bearing our dazzling logo (designed by Lopez Lab).

All proceeds from these purchases will go directly to support The New Historia’s further research, design, and hard-working interns. Be sure to post photos of yourselves with your new gear to our Instagram feed @thenewhistoria.

We are starting small with a few items but may offer more in the future, depending on demand. Let us know what you’d like to see.

And a mighty “thank you” to the remarkable, dedicated staff of The New Historia who work on this passion project nights, weekends…and tirelessly.

Happy birthday to The New Historia!